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Welcome to Custom Katana's online store, here you will find all the products you will require for your martial arts practice. Items from wooden weapons such as bokken or Jo staffs, to fully functional swords such as Japanese katana samurai swords or swords for other disciplines. You will also find here martial arts clothing, Keikogi, obi as well as a full range of martial arts accessories.


Samurai Swords Wooden Weapons Metal Weapons Pole arms

Weapon Accessories and Fittings

Custom made tsuba Sageo Tsuka ito Sword fittings samurai sword accessories

Clothing and Footwear

keikogi martial arts uniform balets obi martial arts footwear tenegui


Knee pads Sole protectors kendo armour Japanese Armour

Books and Gift Ideas

  Jewellery Books  

Sword Restoration Services

Tatami Omote / Cutting Targets



Hanwei / Paul Chen swords including Re-enactment Weapons / Japanese Katana (Samurai Swords), Imperial Forge Katana / Wakizashi / Tanto, Thaitsuki (samurai) Swords, Iaito, nodatchi, tachi, Odachi, Pole arms including Naginata and Yari, extensive wooden weapons for martial arts practitioners, including Japanese made Bokken and Jo Staffs, Tonfa, nunchaku, bokuto, shotto, kama, tsuba, tsuba dome. We also stock a vast aray of katana (samurai) sword fitting such as Tsuba, Menuki, Habaki, Shitadome, Fuchi, Kashira, Sageo and tsuka ito. For maintenance of your weapons we supply the very best in Cleaning Kits, Choji Oil, Uchiko Powder, Mekugi Pegs. For the martial arts practitioners we offer an extensive range of Gi, keikogi for disciplines such as Aikido, Karate, Iaido, Kendo, Judo, Kenjutsu and Ju jitsu. In our uniform section we also have accessories such as knee pads for Iaido and a full range of martial arts belts and obi.

If you feel there are item which we don't currently stock please get in touch. We'll try and source them for you.