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Tatami Omote

Our Tatami Omote are now "Out of stock" sorry.

Our Tatami Omote are made to the very highest quality control. Each mat measures a large 35 x 70 inches (89 x 178 cm approx) that are made from tightly woven thick reeds to provide precision cutting results.

We advise that the Tatami Omote are soaked in water for 2-3 days and then left stood vertically of 1 further day before cutting.



Please note on selecting shipping option in your shopping cart, select the "Tatami Weight Based" shipping option.

Failure to select the correct shipping method will only delay your order.

Shipping of all Tatami is Express Next Day Delivery.

1 - 5       Tatami Omote 4.99 per mat  


6 - 15     Tatami Omote 4.74 per mat  


16 - 25   Tatami Omote 4.49 per mat  


26 - 50   Tatami Omote 4.24 per mat  


51 - 100 Tatami Omote 3.99 per mat  


For orders greater than 100 units please telephone for a quotation.