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Pre-Owned Swords

Welcome to our pre-owned swords page.

Here we aim to help our loyal customers sell / re-house  their cherished swords (Japanese Samurai swords or other functional items) that they no longer require.


Please note that we can only sell for you, quality traditionally forged swords (as sold on our site or similar), or Iaito (swords that are made for the purposes of martial arts use) If you are unsure please call us we'll be happy to help.

Unfortunately we do not entertain stainless steel wall hangers due to legality.

If you have a sword for sale please contact us to discuss terms and conditions.


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Thaitsuki SO3I Katana

Folded Steel

Good Condition !!!

PO1            999.00


Tozando Iaito

2.45 Shaku

As new Condition!

PO6           SOLD

Imperial Forge Katana


As new condition!

PO7           SOLD


Hanwei Tori Iaito

29 inch blade

Great Condition!